About St. John Ambulance

St. John Ambulance has been helping companies comply with first aid and safety training for over 125 years and we are proud to extend our training services through the internet.

In today's environment, companies are increasingly searching for one source to provide them with all their learning needs. St. John Ambulance provides the products and services necessary to be a single-source solution for your safety training needs. Working with St. John Ambulance allows our clients to enhance and strengthen their employee education while meeting or exceeding industry compliance and certification.

Our comprehensive web-based training (WBT) courses lower your operating costs and enable employees to learn anytime and anywhere.

  • No more travel costs of trainees and instructors;
  • No more time away from the company’s core activities;
  • Trainees learn at their own pace, at opportune time;
  • The subject matter is taught the same way to all trainees;
  • Trainee status and statistics easily available to supervisor;
  • Training certificate issued upon successful completion;
  • Up-to-date reference at all time;
  • ... and much more


  • Excellent training system for a dispersed workforce;
  • Content to address all types of workers;
  • Customizable content services available upon request.


  • Reduced travel; less time away from the plant or office;
  • Immediate availability of content and exam updates;
  • Quick supervisor access to training registry, records and reports;
  • Integrated world-class learning management system (LMS).


  • Extremely reasonable annual cost per employee;
  • No hidden hosting, training, or customer service costs.

Web-Based Training Special Features

  • St. John Ambulance’s web-based training courses incorporate any of a number of the following: animations, review questions, interactive exercises, and audio to keep students engaged throughout each lesson;
  • Course bookmark allows the student to continue a lesson smoothly and efficiently after an interruption;
  • Each lesson includes an exam to test the student's knowledge and comprehension of the subject matter.


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